Pricing and times frames for Drop offs.

DeviceProblemPriceTime Frame (Working Days)
iPhone 5Screen Repair39.991
iPhone 5cScreen Repair39.991
iPhone 5sScreen Repair39.991
iPhone SEScreen Repair44.991
iPhone 6Screen Repair49.991
iPhone 6 PlusScreen Repair54.991
iPhone 6sScreen Repair59.991
iPhone 6s PlusScreen Repair64.991
iPhone 7Screen Repair64.991
iPhone 7 PlusScreen Repair69.991
iPhone 8Screen Repair69.991
iPhone 8 PlusScreen Repair74.991
iPhone XGlass Only Repair169.995
iPhone XFull LCD Repair219.992
iPhone 8Rear Glass Repair119.995
iPhone 8 PlusRear Glass Repair129.995
iPhone XRear Glass Repair139.995
iPhone 5Battery17.991
iPhone 5cBattery18.991
iPhone 5sBattery18.991
iPhone SEBattery19.991
iPhone 6Battery21.991
iPhone 6 PlusBattery22.991
iPhone 6sBattery22.991
iPhone 6s PlusBattery23.991
iPhone 7Battery24.991
iPhone 7 PlusBattery25.991
iPhone 8Battery25.991
iPhone 8 PlusBattery26.991
iPhone XBattery39.991
iPhone 5Charging Port24.991
iPhone 5cCharging Port24.991
iPhone 5sCharging Port29.991
iPhone SECharging Port29.991
iPhone 6Charging Port34.991
iPhone 6 PlusCharging Port34.991
iPhone 6sCharging Port34.991
iPhone 6s PlusCharging Port34.991
iPhone 7Charging Port44.991
iPhone 7 PlusCharging Port44.991
iPhone 8Charging Port44.991
iPhone 8 PlusCharging Port44.991
iPhone XCharging Port59.991
iPhone 5Headphone Jack24.991
iPhone 5cHeadphone Jack24.991
iPhone 5sHeadphone Jack29.991
iPhone SEHeadphone Jack29.991
iPhone 6Headphone Jack34.991
iPhone 6 PlusHeadphone Jack34.991
iPhone 6sHeadphone Jack34.991
iPhone 6s PlusHeadphone Jack34.991
Samsung S5Screen Repair54.992
Samsung S6Front Glass Only Repair59.995
Samsung S6 EdgeFront Glass Only Repair79.995
Samsung S6 Edge PlusFront Glass Only Repair79.995
Samsung S7Front Glass Only Repair79.995
Samsung S7 EdgeFront Glass Only Repair89.995
Samsung S7Full LCD Repair149.995
Samsung S7 EdgeFull LCD Repair189.995
Samsung S8Front Glass Only Repair109.995
Samsung S8 PlusFront Glass Only Repair119.995
Samsung S8Full LCD Repair224.995
Samsung S8 PlusFull LCD Repair244.995
Samsung S9Front Glass Only Repair149.995
Samsung S9 PlusFront Glass Only Repair179.995
Samsung S5Battery19.992
Samsung S6Battery34.992
Samsung S6 EdgeBattery34.992
Samsung S6 Edge PlusBattery34.992
Samsung S7Battery34.992
Samsung S7 EdgeBattery34.992
Samsung S7Battery34.992
Samsung S7 EdgeBattery34.992
Samsung S8Battery44.992
Samsung S8 PlusBattery49.992


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